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Physical Therapy in Portsmouth

Chiropractor at Atlantic Chiropractic Center providing physical therapy to a patient

Getting into an accident or facing a difficult medical situation that leads to injuries or long recovery time changes the way that individuals maintain and manage their bodies. Injury rehabilitation provides the tools that you need in Portsmouth, New Hampshire to encourage the healing process and start improving your ability to function at a high level. 

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy refers to any type of injury recovery that uses natural tools and strategies to improve physical mobility, strengthen muscles and recover from injuries or wounds. While a physical therapist determines the appropriate strategy for your situation, a rehab clinic allows individuals to make adjustments to their physical body over time so they recover and improve.

A physical therapist strives to assist with recovery from injuries without using surgical tools or harsh strategies. Instead, a therapist focuses on small and gradual changes that strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and improve mobility over time. It is a process that uses natural healing without taking unnecessary risks with your health and well-being.

What Physical Therapy Helps Address

The exact type of injuries that physical therapy addresses in our rehab clinic depends on your situation and goals. Injury rehabilitation primarily focuses on healing after an injury, but it also recognizes that other factors contribute to the situation.

Common Problems that the Treatments help address include:

  • Injuries from accidents
  • Loss of mobility due to chronic conditions, like arthritis
  • Post-surgical therapy, which focuses on regaining physical abilities after a procedure
  • Healing from sprains, strains or similar muscular injuries
  • Addressing chronic conditions, like fibromyalgia or migraines, without using harsh medications or treatments

Since the underlying complications that lead to injuries or a loss of physical abilities vary, a treatment strategy focuses on personal needs and goals. In general, injury care focuses on healing with natural strategies while still recognizing the possible complications of surgical treatments or injuries from an accident. We develop a personalized treatment plan based on the needs of the individual so it improves the situation over time.

When to Seek Treatment in Portsmouth

Seeking treatment with a physical therapist depends on your situation. As a general rule, you want to follow any recommendations from a doctor regarding post surgical care or injury care before seeking advice from a physical therapist. Discuss any injuries or surgical procedures and the recovery process with a medical professional so that you do not further injure the muscles, bones, tendons or other tissues in your body.

If a doctor does not specify a treatment strategy, then discuss your concerns with a physical therapist. At Atlantic Chiropractic Center, our chiropractor offer advice and recommendations based on your situation, so we only provide therapy when your body is ready for the treatment process. If you need more healing time, then we make appropriate suggestions regarding timing.

Contact Atlantic Chiropractic Center Today

Injuries and accidents happen at unexpected times, but you do not need to live with limited mobility or abilities. For more details about therapy solutions or for a physical therapy appointment, contact us today at 603-436-9229.

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