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Posted on 06-28-2017

Benefits of NET Technique from Our Chiropractor in Portsmouth

NET Technique, or Neuro Emotional Technique, is an innovative, all-natural treatment available at Atlantic Chiropractic Center in Portsmouth, NH. Neuro Emotional Technique chiropractic has its root in ancient, Far Eastern medicine practices that use pressure points, like acupuncture, to free the flow of energy throughout the body improving both the physical and emotional condition of our patients. The NET Technique fits in very nicely with our range of all-natural, non-invasive, holistic treatments offered to improve the health and wellness of patients at Atlantic Chiropractic Center.  This is a treatment that has many physical and emotional benefits.

Woman happy after NET technique.

Physical Benefits of the NET Technique

Our Neuro Emotional Technique chiropractic care seeks to remove blockages that can create discomfort and prevent organs from operating properly. Once blockages are removed through NET Technique along with other medicinal therapies, patients have seen relief from body pains and headaches. Stomach issues, like acid reflux, can be minimized and nasal problems resolved. NET seeks to remove toxins to help the body function at a higher, healthier level. NET seeks to clear pathways where blockages may be preventing peak physical performance.

Emotional Benefits of the NET Technique in Portsmouth

The NET Technique also serves to connect the patient with earlier traumas that may be preventing the patient from emotionally moving forward and manifesting itself in physical ailments. NET acts as a biofeedback loop, serving to remove this blockage. Emotionally, patients often feel a sense of relief following NET. They frequently have less anxiety about whatever was bothering them. They seem to feel more “connected” and have less stress. NET Technique can correct negative “triggers” that can cause negative behavior. This combination of physical and emotional balance is a powerful tool in reaching better health and wellness. Many compare it to having a weight lifted off of their shoulders.

Make an Appointment for Neuro Emotional Technique Chiropractic Today

Do you suffer from body pains or headaches? Do you experience stomach problems or have issues with your liver, bladder or other internal organs? Perhaps you suffer from anxiety, stress or have a phobia you would like to address. If so, we encourage you to make an appointment today with Dr. Wayne Clough at Atlantic Chiropractic Center. Call us at 603-436-9229. We will be happy to discuss our treatments and how they can benefit you. Our offices are located at 100 Islington Street, #7 in Portsmouth, NH. Discover the benefits of natural chiropractic care and innovative techniques like NET at Atlantic Chiropractic Center. It's your life, live it in health!

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