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Posted on 03-14-2017

Portsmouth Massage Therapy for Pain Relief & Stress Management massage therapy

Massage has been done as healing practice since ancient times, but today’s scientific research has provided supporting evidence of its ability to relieve pain, improve health and reduce stress. Although research into the benefits of massage therapy is not yet complete, it already shows that it can help a number of conditions. Results indicate that massage can be particularly effective in relieving low back pain. It can also be used to manage cancer pain and symptoms of dementia. But massage therapy is also being studied for effectiveness in helping depression, post traumatic stress and anxiety disorders. Studies show it can also be helpful in relieving pain from multiple sclerosis, as well as the spasticity that occurs in this condition. Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease and osteoarthritis can also be helped with massage. More research is needed to understand the full extent of the benefits of massage, but already it is being recognized by health professionals as a valuable adjunct to conventional medicine.

Massage Therapy for Pain Relief

Massage is effective in relieving pain by virtue of a number of aspects. Touch therapy can help to improve circulation to affected areas, relieving inflammation and increasing healing body chemicals. It also helps to relieve stress, which can reduce the experience of pain. Individuals who have greater well being are able to manage their pain better than those who are tense and distressed about the discomfort. Your massage therapist in Portsmouth can ensure that you receive care on a regular basis to improve your physical health and sense of well being.

Let Atlantic Chiropractic Center Be Your Massage Therapist in Portsmouth NH

Atlantic Chiropractic Center offers a range of services to treat neck pain and back pain, to improve nutrition, and provide therapy to improve physical function. We pride ourselves on providing individualized care, and our staff is trained to ensure that all patients receive the compassionate attention they need. We can help with auto injuries, chronic pain conditions, nutritional advice, yoga and weight management counseling. Contact the Atlantic Chiropractic Center today at 603-436-9229 to make an appointment for massage therapy in Portsmouth to help relieve your pain and improve your ability to manage stress.

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