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Posted on 02-14-2017

Healing Injuries with Physical Therapy in Portsmouthportsmouth physical therapy

If you have suffered from a personal injury we offer healing with physical therapy in Portsmouth. Here at Atlantic Chiropractic Center our chiropractors provide comprehensive chiropractic care. This includes physical therapy to help your body repair itself naturally. Discover the benefits of choosing a physical therapist at your chiropractor in Portsmouth.

How Does a Physical Therapist Provide Pain Relief Along With Personal Injury Treatment?

When you go to a physical therapist the goal is to improve your mobility and strength as part of personal injury treatment. Your physical therapist will also help your posture, flexibility, and body mechanics. This provides your body with the natural strength, as well as endorphins, that will help to overcome pain. All of this is achieved under the care of a chiropractic doctor to ensure your optimal health and wellness during treatment. 

What is Sports Injury Treatment by a Portsmouth Chiropractor?

We provide sports injury treatment for a variety of conditions here at your Portsmouth chiropractor. If you have bone fractures or dislocations due to a traumatic sports injury or a work-related injury we can provide you with exercises to improve your strength and mobility. We also work with patients who suffer from spinal disorders including herniated discs that can occur due to personal injuries. Other conditions we treat include low back pain, bursitis, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and injuries due to repetitive use. 

What are the Benefits of Going to a Physical Therapist via a Chiropractor in Portsmouth?

When you seek the treatment of a physical therapist at a chiropractor in Portsmouth you are under the care of a comprehensive chiropractic care provider. This allows you to combine chiropractic care with physical therapy. You are able to increase healing and decrease pain effectively and without surgery or drugs.

Your Physical Therapist in Portsmouth NH

Atlantic Chiropractic Center offers comprehensive care as your physical therapist in Portsmouth NH. If you are suffering from a personal injury, such as a sports injury or work-related injury, we offer pain relief and improved healing. Contact Atlantic Chiropractic Center at 603-436-9229 to schedule your appointment with a Portsmouth physical therapist.

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